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Artist Interview with Jennifer Greenland

By windsorevents, Aug 21 2016 03:44PM

Artist Interview with Jennifer Greenland winner of Windsor & Eton En Plein Air 2016 and exhibitor at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair

Artist name:

Jennifer Greenland

What is your background?

Although drawing has been a much-loved pastime for as long as I can remember, I originally trained as a physiotherapist and it was several years later that I acted on the long-felt desire to study drawing and painting and attended the Art Academy in London Bridge. Whilst there I started to develop an interest in portrait painting and was also greatly inspired by the city. Since leaving, I have been painting mostly scenes from in and around London and working on private commissions.

How would you describe the work you produce?

I mainly paint figurative oil paintings- I am gradually finding out what most inspires me and what I find most satisfying about a finished painting.

What inspires you?

It is the limitless interactions of light and colour, shape and form that keep me captivated and inspired to paint.

How has the experience of being an artist most benefited you?

It makes me slow-down and appreciate the current moment- noticing more beauty in my surroundings. It also gives me a license to dream, imagine and explore ideas to my heart’s content!

What is it that you are trying to achieve with your art?

Initially I suppose I am setting out to represent what I see and how I feel about my subject- always aspiring to find a particular point of balance within the composition.

What compliment would make you feel the happiest at this point in your life?

Ha! Well I’m not sure about that, but I am always happy if someone connects with and likes one of my paintings enough to want it on their wall!

If you were asked, what one piece of life advice would you give others?

Not sure that I feel qualified to give life advice! To keep on a creative tangent I would probably encourage people that if they used to enjoy a creative pursuit that has gradually got lost in the day to day grind of adult life, to pick it back up and not leave it for retirement! Make space for it- carve out some time, be it a weekly class, a weekend away or a holiday- you may be surprised by the positive effects of re-introducing a ‘splash of colour’ to your week!

What would you paint for yourself?

Anything that provokes me!

A big broad question, what is Art worth (in society/our culture)?

Of course as an artist I would say it has great worth!! I think that sometimes in order to see something’s value it helps to ponder how things would be different if it wasn’t there. For example a society with no creativity- never anything new that has been imagined and created- no music, no dance, no theatre, no film, no stories, no beautiful images, no beautiful buildings, no regard at all to the look of things- nothing but fact and function!

By removing all of these not only do you remove a lot of enjoyment and purpose from people’s lives, as well as jobs and industries, you also remove one of the major ways that we as humans learn and reflect, express and remember and commentate on life’s mysteries, joys and problems!

See Jennifer at Windsor Contemporary Art Fair on Stand 138


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